I am an open source developer, software designer, and freelance programmer. I work as a software developer at Rutgers University.

I believe that open source software is key to building powerful software and tools. Development of software via collaboration allows developers to expand concepts and ideas and build beyond that they alone can build, by getting the help of other developers who see the need for similar tools. Open source software allows for more usage and testing of software by allowing feedback and development by any one who can assist.

Through this support and feedback are two important parts of development, which mean supporting users of the developers software to be a priority for project developers. I promise to provide support and assist my project users in order to ensure that the software works well and handles all the use cases within its scope.

Most of my current projects are modules for projects around the Drupal CMS. I have published many of my personal and work projects over he last year to the Drupal community. Some of the projects I currently am working on are the Advanced Access and the Webform Composite Tools modules. Other projects I have worked on can be found on my Drupal.org profile.

My recent work on the Advanced Access module focuses on providing an advanced access control systems to Drupal. The module combined with my other projects, Paragraphs Access or Role Access Control, to produce a complex plugin based access system.

For information on my freelance development, projects, or support with my Drupal modules, please reach out to me.